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Forest Dreams - Lavender & Cypress - Botanical Smudge Bundles

Forest Dreams - Lavender & Cypress - Botanical Smudge Bundles

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These dreamy, botanical smudge sticks are handmade with homegrown & ethically-harvested cypress and lavender. Hand-wrapped with natural hemp cord.

The beautiful scent of smoke from these bundles is absolutely wonderful and reminiscent of being surrounded by the forest. The calming properties of each botanical are perfect before bedtime, although I find myself burning them throughout the day, whenever I feel the need to re-center myself. These bundles are especially meaningful to me, as they remind me of times spent camping with my family when I was younger. 

Botanical Properties: 

Lavender is known for its gentle floral scent and when burned, promoting calming, relaxation, and upliftment while removing negative emotions. Lavender is also wonderful for allowing restful sleep and a calm mind. 

Cypress has a wonderful, woodsy scent. When burned, it has been known to invoke calming and grounding energies while removing negativity. Cypress also may be helpful in psychic work including divining & lucid dreaming. 

Each stick is approximately 7 1/2" long.

Please use caution when burning and always burn in a well-ventilated area, away from flammables.

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