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Love Spell Jars - Quartz, Rose, Jasmine, Clove

Love Spell Jars - Quartz, Rose, Jasmine, Clove

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Spell jars created with the intention to manifest energies of self love, love, passion and self confidence. Made with corresponding crystals, botanicals and sealed in a glass jar with a shimmering pink wax to finish off the spell.

Each jar contians:

~ one quartz crystal point - manifestation, healing 

~ organic jasmine buds - sensuality, beauty, happiness, healing

~ organic rose petals - confidence, sexuality, self-love, attraction, protection

~ organic clove buds - passion, attraction, protection

~ pink cornflowers - fertility, love

~ biodegradable glitter stars - playful joy

Place the jar on your altar, shelf, carry around with you or even place under your pillow in combination with your desired intentions.

10ml jar

Approximately 2" high

*Sold as a curio and not guaranteed to provide specific results.*

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