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Purple Sage + Lavender - Botanical Smudge Sticks

Purple Sage + Lavender - Botanical Smudge Sticks

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These botanical smudge sticks are handmade with homegrown & ethically-harvested purple sage (also known as lavender sage) and locally-grown lavender. Hand-wrapped with natural hemp cord. 

Botanical Properties: 

Lavender is known for its gentle floral scent and when burned, promoting calming, relaxation, and upliftment while removing negative emotions. Lavender is also wonderful for allowing restful sleep and a calm mind. 

Purple Sage has a wonderful, sweet sage scent. When burned, it has been known to invoke calming and peaceful, loving energies while removing negativity. There have been scientific studies that show burning sage, a natural antimicrobial, may also help to purify the air... Something we could all use right now!

Each stick is approximately 7 1/2" long.

Please use caution when burning and always burn in a well-ventilated area, away from flammables.

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