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Selenite Wands - Energy Cleansing Crystal

Selenite Wands - Energy Cleansing Crystal

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Selenite crystal wands are very unique as they maintain positive energy and don't need to be cleared like other crystals. They are popular for clearing energies in the home or in someone's energy field by passing it around while holding a positive intention. Much like sage smudging, but without the smoke! They can also impart clearing and positive energy to other crystals.

How to use:

 To use the Selenite Crystal: Hold the crystal in your hand and slowly wave it over yourself in sweeping motions, holding positive thoughts and intentions in your mind. You can also do the same for your house and crystals to help clear them of any negativity. Be sure to keep the selenite away from water or other liquids as they will cause the crystal to dissolve.

Each wand is approx 4"

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